Mike White

Owner of HomePro Inspections

Mike was born and raised in Ottawa. He has a great deal of knowledge of not only the homes in Ottawa, but also the areas of town which may have underlying problems.

With a background in Architectural Technology, Mike has dealt with homes from blueprints, construction, property management, and finally inspections. Mike is able to provide quality inspections from brand new homes to century homes and older. Mike's many years in technical support and customer service in the high tech sector has provided him with great personal and communication skills.

Many people will take an Inspectors word of the qualifications they claim to hold. Don't get caught trusting your investment to an unqualified Inspector.

To ensure that your inspector has the qualifications they claim to have, check them out below!

Confirm National Certificate Holder

Confirm R.H.I. Designation

Confirm New Construction Inspector Certification

OAHI - Ontario Association of Home Inspectors
CAHPI - Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors
ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors


RHI - Registered Home Inspector (OAHI)

NCH - National Certificate Holder (CAHPI)

ACI - ASHI Certified Inspector

NCI – Certified New Construction Inspector


Our  qualifications... 

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HomePro Inspections has been providing quality home inspections in Ottawa for over 20 years. The current owner and chief inspector has performed over 3800 inspections in the past 10 years.
We believe in backing up our knowledge with memberships in professional home inspection associations.

We have extensive experience and the proper qualifications to provide you with a professional and thorough inspection of your potential next home.


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